Suki-Ya @ Tokyo Street, Pavilion

不知道这里有没有人吃过 Suki-Ya呢?







我同事当时跟我说, 那些排着队的客人一直望着我们的座位. 看来他们真的迫不及待等我们早点离开呢?

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My Colleague told me that people outside there keep starring at our table. They couldn’t wait for us to leave as soon as possible!

不过, 我真的好就没尝试日本自由餐了! 依稀记得最后一次享用日本自由餐是在去年九月的Shogun.
这次选择在 Suki-Ya 日本自由餐是因为它的价格:
(It’s been a while for me to have Japanese Buffet! The last time I ate buffet was last year September, at Shogun.
The reason for us to choose Suki-Ya is because of its price offered:)

午餐是 RM29.80! 比起Shogun和Jogoya, 它的价格的确是便宜很多! 😀
(Lunch will be cheaper! And of course, it’s more cheaper compare to Shogun & Jogoya! :D)

唯一美中不足是它的食物种类不多, 而且大多数是以青菜为主. 如果你是素食者, 可以考虑这里!
(However, there are limited choices as mostly are vegetable, as you can see from the pictures. If you are a vegetarian, well, you might like this place!)

(Some photos captured on that day)

Suki-Ya有4种不同口味的汤. 你只能选择拥有两个.
正因为我们是一大批人进去, 我们有机会尝试全部口味的汤! 😀
(Suki-Ya offers 4 types of soup, where you are allowed to choose 2.
However, we manage to had all four as we went into a group)

Left: Kimuchi, Right: Shabu-Shabu

Left: Miso, Right: Sukiyaki

寿司~! 但是选择不多, 而且很难强到..
(Sushi! Not much choice, and hard to get..)

(Ice-cream as desert!)

顾客: “什么时候轮到我啊??”
(The Queue at 12pm)

建议你拨个电话做booking,免得你要排队等! 通常这里会有很多人在这里吃 (不知什么原因).
(I will advice that you made a booking first, as it’s always fully booked)

Suki-Ya @ Tokyo Street / Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Lot No. : 6.24.04, Level 6
Telephone +603 2141 4272

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