当天首相宣布坠毁在南印度洋, 飞机上全人遇难的消息后, 第二天上班时都能感觉到大家心情很沉重.
抱着奇迹会出现的心态,等待着失踪已经两个星期的 MH370, 换来的是此消息.
就连每个报纸的头面是黑色的, 相似为遇难者哀悼.

其实我接受不到 “飞机坠毁在海里, 全人遇难” 这说法, 因为到目前为止飞机残髁还没找到, 而且没有证据显示飞机已经坠毁在海里了. (唯一的证据就只有英国的卫星数据, 但却没公开出来)

没见到飞机残髁, 我还是抱着期待奇迹会出现的心情.
所以, 当有些人已经写 RIP, 我与友人还是这样写:

The day where our beloved prime minister make an announcement: “MH 370 crash into the ocean, presumably no survivor”, next day morning I feel the sense of grey atmosphere circulating in my office.

Every single one of us (in this earth) had been praying very hard, putting hopes that MH 370 will come back miraculously. And what we get is “the plane crash, no one survived” news. I understand the grey atmosphere because everyone is putting high hopes. Just like I always pray for Liverpool to win EPL cup for every season but it did not happen at the end LOL.

Frankly speaking, neither do I can accept what our PM had just said. I need to be convinced by seeing the plane has been crashed. And what kind of evidence besides (not showing) the UK satellite data, which you are convinced that the plane was crashed into the Indian Ocean?

Which is why, when some of us had already wrote “RIP MH370”, me and my friend still remains hopeful:

It’s the least we can do!

Having 3 different language together in a message! =)

MH 370, 我的祝福以及祷告与你同在. 我还是会在这里等待你回来!
MH 370, my prayers and thoughts are with you. I’ll be here waiting for you to come back!

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去跑步咯! 2

Morning jogging is not an easy task to perform…

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That’s because I’m reading news about MH 370.

马航失联已经进入了第九天, 至今仍然下落不明. 昨天纳吉宣布了飞机被蓄意关掉 transponder 以及 ACARS 的系统, 离开航道往向西北 / 西南的方向, 显示 MH370 被劫机的可能性. 目前已经把目标扩大去印度海洋, 由刚开始有十四个国家, 已经总共有二十五个国家参与搜寻这离奇失踪的飞机.

It has been 9 days since the aircraft went missing, and it was no where to be found yet. Just yesterday, our beloved PM Najib conducted a Press Conference to inform us that the aircraft’s communication systems disabled and was deliberately flown off course by someone on the plane. The plane flew in a westerly direction back over the Malaysian peninsula before turning northwest until the point at which it left military primary radar coverage.

In the other words, it’s highly possible that the plane has been hijacked!

At this moment the target location has been extended until India Ocean. There are total 25 countries involved in this S & R.

They could be alive somewhere there!

听到这消息之后感觉上有点兴奋. 我想机上乘客的家属们应该很高兴听到此消息, 因为这意味着他们的爱人或许还在活着, 还能抱着一线希望等待 MH 370 的出现. 这就是为什么坚持 “没看到飞机, 不会放弃” 的精神是多么地重要.

虽然我本身对此事还是存着很多疑问, 例如为什么我国空军的雷达信息感应到飞机经过, 但没人上去去查? 为什么要刻意地转方向? 是谁劫了这架飞机? 我们还有什么资料是不懂的么等等. 但现在最重要的是找到那架飞机. 人命关天啊~~ 真的很希望他们能够安然无恙的回来!

I was pleased to hear what Najib said (partly). In fact, I believe the passenger’s families would feel delighted to hear such news. This means that the passengers may be alive somewhere there! At least there’s a hope.

Even though I may possess many unanswered questions on this incident, that’s not important. What’s really important is to find the plane! Hopefully they would come back ALIVE!

Let us keep on praying, that miracles will occur! At least, this is the only thing we can do for them.

在网上找到这些图案, 觉得很可爱~~ 又很有意思涅!
Found this on the net somewhere, which I think it’s meaningful and cute!

MH 370 你在哪儿啊? 你知不知道全世界都很担心你, 为你祈祷么?
Where are you, MH 370? Do you know that the world is worrying and praying for you?

在中国留学的学生们点上蜡烛为 MH 370 而祈福
Students at China lighten up the candles

These piece of artwords were made by an Indian Artist. Cool isn’t it?

在 Aeon Kinta City 里, 小孩子们写上他们的祝福然后贴在这里.
Children at Aeon Kinta City looking and writing their message for MH 370

PWTC 用 LED 来呼吁大家一起为 MH 370 祷告
A PWTC building asking everyone to Pray for MH 370.

Fahrenheit 的像是用日本方式来祈福
At Fahrenheit, looks like a Japanese wish tree to me.

虽然我国被烟雾袭击, 但都不忘为 MH 370 祈福
Despite haze issue, it doesn’t stopped us from praying for MH 370 @ KLCC

Most of the Shopping Malls provide large papers for the customers to write down their thoughts

Love to see this! @ one of the football matches in Malaysia

KLIA 这几天都很热闹:
It has been a busy week in KLIA:

我国前任首相 Abdullah Badawi 和 全宗教人士一起为这行飞机祷告
Our former PM Abdullah Badawi, praying together with all kinds of religions peoples

写越多, 相信奇迹会出现!
You never know, the more you wrote, miracles will happen!


一日没见到飞机, 我们都不会放弃!
MH 370, 我们等着你回来哦!

Not seeing the aircraft by ourselves one day, there’s no way we should give up!
We are waiting for your return, MH 370! Please come back!

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对不起, 我对你没兴趣!

Sorry Haze, I’m not interested in you!

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Mr Haze is back!

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